Mobility Applications

Current Trends

Mobile technology is an ever growing unit which is not going to stop any further

Each day there are some development or expansion in some of these technologies and its solutions. Companies are developing mobile applications which are affecting the whole industry like a wildfire.

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Our Methodology

With a team of the best in profession, we ensure a quality app which meets your requirements

Our methodology ensures that we meet your requirements and deliver the best product suiting your needs. Our process is a product of research and observing the market.

Requirements Analysis

Quite often it is observed that the client does not have a complete picture of what is desired. So, we work with them through rapid prototyping and documentation of user stories to come up with a list of all the features desired in the application.


Once the requirements are clear, we start planning the technical challenges in building the required features and come up with solutions for the same.

Design, Development & Testing

Our Design, Development and Testing teams work with each other closely and keep going through cycles of building and testing until the product quality is as it is expected by the client.


Our team also takes care of building the app, getting the app reviewed (in case of iOS) and finally publishing it into the respective marketplaces. We also keep a track of the number of downloads to see how the app is received by the market.

Maintenance & Service

We also take care of updates and versioning of the apps in the respective marketplaces and make sure that the current version is always available for download. Our updates and versions are always in compliance with the current versions of the smartphone and tablet OS.