Professional Services


Our team is made up of highly qualified and skilled professionals with an experience in a wide variety of IT services

Each day there are some development or expansion in some of these technologies and its solutions. Companies are developing applications which are affecting the whole industry like a wildfire. Global enterprises are struggling to navigate an ever-changing, complex environment. They must integrate new technologies and applications with limited resources, improve how they store and manage data stay current on technology and security standards and closely manage both project timelines and costs.

We offer elegant solutions for different types of requirements that the clients come up with. We devise applications which focus on fulfilling the company's needs and functionalities which make their work simpler. Help you address more complex IT challenges than can be met by our standard managed service offerings. Our specialists allow us to deliver a solution that goes beyond our standard hosting, security, or network offerings. Whether you need assistance assessing your IT application architecture or managing a complex network implementation, we can help.

Dharma Solutions enables you to outsource complex parts of your IT infrastructure, with custom hosted environments, or pre-built subscription-based solutions. This level of service allows you to rapidly deploy the latest technology while minimizing your implementation costs. We take care of overall management of schedules, risks and interdependencies creates a climate of clear, unambiguous communication that reassures all stakeholders of success.

Our Methodology

With a team of the best in profession, we ensure a quality application which meets your requirements

Whether you need to improve the experience of your end-users, reduce time-to-market, support a scalable environment, expand your e-commerce capabilities, ensure availability, or introduce new applications to meet changing business goals, our experts can not only implement customized solutions to address your technology needs, but also monitor and manage their performance freeing up your IT resources to focus on the business at hand. Our experts work with you to assess your specific needs, design and develop effective solutions, rapidly deploy applications, and extend your systems to partner communities.

Beside professional work and task management we also focus on cooperation and customer satisfaction. We make information technology more human by our client oriented customer service. We demand from our team good communication skills beside professionalism.

Our methodology ensures that we meet your requirements and deliver the best product suiting your needs. Our process is a product of research and observing the market. Following are some of the services we offer:

Our Team

Our team comprises of highly qualified and skilled professionals with expertise in vaious areas of IT services. We make use of the latest of technologies to ensure the quality product to the client. We recruit professionals from the most reputed educational institutes and organizations. We follow the best engineering practices and have been appreciated by our clients for the quality of service we have provided them. Our Project Engineers are trained on the latest technology and product features.

Our focus on workflow design and implementation allows us to customize production workflows that meet our customers specific business and operational requirements. By ensuring productive workflows and operational efficiencies are in place and designs maximize available budget, customers can gain increased productivity leading to a measurable quicker return on investment.


We employ a wide variety of technolgies to get the best service developed for the client. Also, our expertise in different technologies enables us to develop applications in different platforms. Some of the technologies we use are: