Recruitment Offshore Services

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We put the right people in the right places. It's a simple formula. We figure out the skills you need and we find the people who can get the job done. As a successful staffing/recruitment company, we work hard to find qualified, interested and available candidates. We hire the brightest and most effective recruiters who focus on activities that generate your highest ROI. We explore and employ every advantage to maximize the productivity of our best people and remain cost competitive.

We are in business to provide you with recruitment services on demand, meaning our well-trained and highly successful recruiters serve as an extension of your recruitment team. Additionally, our flexible service offerings allow you to quickly respond to fluctuations in client demand, confidently take on significant new opportunities without adding staff, or accommodate changes in internal staffing levels caused by employee vacancies.

These services include segregating different skilled and unskilled workforce. The Offshore Recruitment services enable to identify the right candidates for the prescribed job posts in various client companies. Our professional Offshore Recruitment services helps to save your time and energy in finding out the right candidates for their job requirements.

Recruiting for a vacancy is an extremely time consuming task. The advantages of working with us are that your recruiting capabilities increase tremendously without affecting your headcount. Furthermore, speed of hire and candidate yield perk up. Our recruitment support service offers resume searching on leading job boards, short listing potential candidate’s resumes, communication with them via phone and e-mail and routing the right contenders to your executive or technical recruiters. With this, technical and executive recruiters can fully focus on their core functions – networking, building relationships, and hiring more candidates.

In response to job advertisements, recruiters often receive a huge number of resumes to work on. According to industry statistics, a whopping 90% of all Resumes received are unsuitable for the advertised vacancy. This costs the recruiters a lot of time which could have been otherwise utilized well in core recruitment or client handling activities. But if you outsource your resume screening to us, our specialist researcher with definite sector experience will read each resume to assess relevance to the job specification, saving you precious time and endowing your company its precise requirements. We organize candidate’s resumes in relation to key criteria and rank them in order of merit through online application forms, questionnaires and tests. Furthermore, we phone screen the candidates and only present pre - screened and available candidates to our clients (full life Cycle recruiting).

Our primary services include:

Our recruitment processes has been refined over the years to ensure that each candidate goes through a rigorous recruitment process. This provides us the unique ability to provide you with skills not easily available in the market. The biggest advantage of opting for Dharma Solutions is the cost-cutting factor associated with our services. Close on this benefit's heel is the fact that time required to search candidates, co-coordinate interviews and manage job offers can be diverted efficiently towards other aspects governing your business.