iOS Training

iPhone Operating System or iOS is an Operating System developed by Apple for its mobile devices. Popularity of iPhone as an application development platform can be judged from the number of applications that exist at Apple App store. There are over 500,000 iPhone applications at the App store. One of the main reasons for its popularity is the strong developer community behind iPhone.

Learn how to create full-featured iOS apps from scratch in this comprehensive, hands-on training course taught by experienced iOS experts. We have already conducted training programs the trainees have all been hired as iOS developers by various companies. Our strength lies in our faculty who train the students right from the basics.

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Our trainees have also participated in Mobile App Development challenges conducted on a huge scale. The AppFest 2012 is a feather in our cap where our team of trainees have developed an interactive iOS app for a leading Insurance firm and won the competition.


Our training involves learning along with developing a feature-rich application which will be ultimately published into the AppStore

Our methodology ensures that we meet your requirements and deliver the best product suiting your needs. Our process is a product of research and observing the market.

Course Duration

The duration of the course is 60 days of which 30 days will be spent on Training, Requirements Analysis, Design and Development phases. The screens and functionalities will be integrated and the app will be thoroughly tested for bugs in the next 20 days. The last 10 days will be spent on Beta testing, Bug-fixing and releasing the app into the AppStore.

Topics Covered

We cover iOS concepts as well as few other concepts that help in developing rich mobile applications:


We have an in-house faculty team who are experts in the mobile application development. Our trainers are from among the best in industry. They have been working in the mobile application development area for quite a long time now. Their teaching method involves a hands-on approach, which is the best way as more practise brings more expertise. Our trainers will be covering all the topics in the program and support the trainees throughout the duration of the course.

Corporate Environment

The trainees will work closely with our Development team on the projects released by us. This will help them learn the conventions of programming and get used to the corporate culture. Each one of the trainees will be given a Mac Device to work with, workspace and a corporate ID card.

Limited Seats

We take in a limited number of students per batch so that we can monitor the progress and help each and every one of them properly. Our faculty ensure that all the trainees are given the proper training in basics as well as advanced topics. The size of each of our batches is around 10-15.


We believe that a person must enroll to our program only after they have a clear idea of what will happen during the course. We conduct Orientation Sessions upon request to a group of interested people where we give an even clearer picture of the course. If you need to know more about the training or to request for an orientation session, please click here